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ISIS Fleeing Iraq and Syria for North Africa

Dec. 7, 2017 (EIRNS)—Following military defeats in both Iraq and Syria, ISIS is withdrawing to Egypt and North Africa, reports Al Masdar News Australian analyst Andrew Illingworth. Drawing on both Turkish and Kurdish sources, which otherwise tend to contradict each other, Illingworth reports that the terrorists are making their way across Syria with the aim of reaching North Africa.

"North Africa would appear to be the most logical regrouping point for Middle East-based ISIS militants who wish to continue fighting, considering its proximity to their current battlegrounds, the geopolitical climate of the region which is highly susceptible to exploitation by non-state armed groups, and the existence of long-standing underground infrastructures that can assist them getting there,"

writes Illingworth.

Turkey is likely a transit route for most such militants. Hurriyet Daily is reporting that dozens of ISIS militants have crossed into Turkey since the their loss of territory in both Syria and Iraq. Ankara’s Public Prosecutor, Adem Akinci, warned in an indictment of one ISIS militant who was apprehended, that ISIS militants in Turkey pose a serious threat.