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House Intelligence Keeps Scoring Against Mueller Witch Hunt

Dec. 8, 2017 (EIRNS)—With the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee and EIR fully mobilized against the British "Russiagate" assault on the Presidency, the House Select Committee on Intelligence is now also mobilized, and making revelations that are turning "Russiagate" into "Muellergate." The LaRouche movement alone, to now, has identified the witch hunt against the President, fronted by Robert Mueller, as a British intelligence attack on the U.S. Presidency. But Intelligence Committee Republicans are increasingly focusing on the British "phony dossier" of MI6 agent Christopher Steele as the outrage against the United States.

The chairman of House Intelligence, Rep. Devin Nunes of California, was cleared yesterday by the House Ethics Committee of accusations that he revealed classified evidence. This removes the reason for Nunes’ earlier forced recusal from the investigation of "Russiagate." It vindicates his credibility in trying to expose Obama Administration officials’ intensive surveillance of President Trump’s campaign and his transition team members and nominees.

Also yesterday, during FBI Director Christopher Wray’s appearance before Nunes’ Committee, at least two members exposed all of Mueller’s investigative team as having shown pro-Obama, pro-Clinton and anti-Trump political bias. Three of Mueller’s inquisitors have flagrantly shown this bias in email communications; all the others, by contributing exclusively to Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats’ campaigns.

One Republican, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, explicitly tied this bias to Mueller team attorney Peter Srzok’s use of the British dossier, to get warrants from the secret FISA court to surveil Trump’s campaign. Wray wouldn’t answer Jordan’s questions on this or related subjects.

The Intelligence Committee has also established that Steele of British MI6, with his dossier, was brought into the Obama Justice Department at a very high level during the 2016 campaign, meeting at least once with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s top assistent, Bruce Ohr. Ohr met during the same period with Glenn Simpson of the Fusion GPS consulting firm that was paying Steele for the dossier with Obama/Clinton campaign funds. Ohr has now lost his position as Assistant Deputy Attorney General, the third high-ranking person associated with Mueller’s investigation to be demoted for manifest bias.

Additionally yesterday, the judge overseeing the trial of President Trump’s first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, suddenly recused himself. Judge Rudolph Contreras gave no reason; but he was on the secret FISA Court from May 2016 to May 2017. This was the period in which that court authorized surveillance of at least Trump supporter Carter Page, and in which Michael Flynn’s communications were surveilled and "unmasked." By recusing, Judge Contreras may be silently indicating the answer to Rep. Jim Jordan’s question to FBI Director Wray.