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Top Chinese Military Moscow Visit Boosts China, Russia Military Coordination

Dec. 9, 2017 (EIRNS)—Zhang Youxia, Vice Chairman of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Military Commission, met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and other top Russian military officials on Dec. 7, for discussions on deepening the China-Russia strategic partnership through improving military-technical cooperation. All involved placed this cooperation in the framework of the relationship Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping have developed between their countries.

According to China’s Xinhua, Putin told Zhang at their meeting that

"military cooperation plays an important role in Russia-China relations and the two countries should continue to strengthen their partnership in joint military drills, army games and personnel training."

The Kremlin reported that in greeting Zhang, Putin reiterated "that the strategic partnership with China remains a key foreign policy priority of Russia. We highly value our current relations. They have developed largely thanks to the Chinese leadership and personally to the President of China, whom we consider a friend."

Zhang spoke of Putin in the highest terms, in greeting the President, calling it an honor to meet him again:

"You enjoy the respect and support of the Russian people and the Armed Forces. You are a national hero. You are leading the Russian people and moving toward prosperity and wealth, and have achieved great success. You have made an important contribution to resolving a number of major complicated issues. In this way, you have demonstrated political resolve and outstanding leadership ability."

TASS played up Defense Minister Shoigu’s statements of intent "to further develop relations between our defense ministries in all areas," adding that

"for his part, the Chinese official also noted development of Russian-Chinese cooperation and expressed hope that good personal, working and friendly relations will be established in the future."

These Moscow meetings, taking place at the same time as the Cooperation-2017 joint exercises of special forces troops from both countries in northwest China, sent Western media such as Breibart and the U.K.’s Daily Express into geopolitical outer orbit. And no wonder: Breibart cited a Russian military press release stating that exercises would

"help Russian Special Forces adapt to ‘a dry climate without precipitations—and to the meals represented by a variety of both traditional spicy and sour-sweet Chinese and European dishes.’"

Evidently a cultural threat!