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NATO Fantasies About Conventional War with Russia

Dec. 20, 2017 (EIRNS)—Germany’s Bildzeitung and other mainstream media as well, report on an assessment by two unnamed NATO officials saying that the Russia's Zapad 2017 exercise with 100,000 troops rehearsed an attack on the Western alliance: occupying the three Baltic states first, deploying long-range bombers to attack airfields and other infrastructure in Germany, Sweden and Finland, with Iskander missiles fired into Poland from Kaliningrad. The script: paralyzing NATO and preventing reinforcements of western positions in the East, within two days.

The fact that all major exercises of Russia include the nuclear component as well, is not mentioned in this NATO scare scenario of a non-nuclear war in Europe. Scenarios like this one, however, serve to make propaganda for conventional military budget increases in Europe—like in the recently agreed "EU defense union." Whether that really impresses the Russians, can be doubted.