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Manhattan District Court Throws Out ‘Emolument’ Suit Against Trump

Dec. 22, 2017 (EIRNS)—Judge George B. Daniels of United States District Court in Manhattan ruled that the plaintiffs trying to convict President Donald Trump of breaching the emoluments clause in the Constitution, which outlaws officials receiving gifts (bribes) from foreigners, "had failed to show that they had suffered as a result of specific actions by Mr. Trump intended to drum up business for his enterprises," as reported in the New York Times today.

"It is only natural that interest in his properties has generally increased since he became President," the judge said.

"Moreover, customers might be patronizing Mr. Trump’s hotels and his hotel’s restaurants because of price or quality reasons totally unrelated to his Presidency."

He said it was up to Congress, not the courts, to extend the emoluments clauses of the Constitution to patronizing businesses of elected officials rather than simply bribes to the officials.