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On Infrastructure, Trump Says ‘Many Other Countries’ Want To Help Build It

Jan. 12, 2018 (EIRNS)—Asked about his plans for rebuilding infrastructure in the U.S., in his interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Trump mentioned a figure of $1.8 trillion, $200 billion of which, he said "we’ll be putting up."

The financing of it, will be "a combination of public/private which is now the new hot topic." But he added, without mentioning any specific names,

"we have many, many, wealthy countries...many people that really want to put up tremendous amounts of money for the infrastructure. That gets it built faster, built better, gets it built on time, on budget and the United States won’t be putting up all of the money."

To which countries might he be referring?

When the Journal reporter asked him if money were to come from budget cuts, or new money, he replied that "this will be money that we find." There are many places to find $200 billion, he said, but not a lot of places to find $1.8 trillion. It won’t be hard to handle $200 billion, he explained,

"whereas, again, people will come in and put up vast amounts of money. They will supervise the projects, they will make sure they get built on time, on budget—or below budget."

Bridges, roadways, tunnels are some of the things to be built, he said, in addition to revamping the air traffic control system.