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Trump Extends Sanctions Waiver on Iran for Another 90 Days

Jan. 12, 2018 (EIRNS)—The White House said today that President Trump has extended the waiver on Iran sanctions for another 90 days under the 2015 nuclear deal, but that this will be the last time he does so, absent a legislative fix from the Congress and a follow-on deal from the Europeans.

The follow-on agreement that Trump wants, would include "triggers" that would automatically re-impose sanctions should Iran break certain thresholds regarding its ballistic missile program, nuclear breakout, and inspections and would eliminate the sunset clauses currently in the agreement. "If the President can get that agreement that meets his objectives and that never expires, that as he said in his October Iran strategy speech that denies Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon, but forever, not for ten years or any other shorter period of time, he would be open to remaining in such a modified deal," an unnamed Administration official told reporters on background reports the Hill.

That means that U.S. continuation in the deal depends on two things happening that seem very unlikely at this time: Iran agreeing to renegotiate the deal, and the U.S. Congress finding agreement on legislation that meets Trump’s criteria.