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Dicky Durbin Has a Track Record of Lying

Jan. 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL)—the sole source of the charge that President Donald Trump called Haiti and other nations “shithole countries” in a private White House meeting on Jan. 11—has been caught fabricating lies against others before.

In October 2013, he fabricated a remark with racist overtones that he claimed had been uttered to then-President Barack Obama by an unidentified Republican leader in a closed-door White House meeting. Durbin himself had not even been present in the meeting, and both White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman Brendan Buck denied any such statement was made as Durbin had alleged. Durbin’s office had no comment, despite suggestions that he should “disclose who told him this account of events, retract his reckless allegations immediately, and apologize.”

In the case of the Jan. 11, 2018 White House meeting, Durbin is the sole person who claims to have heard President Trump describe any nation in the terms alleged. The President and two Republican Senators present, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, all flatly deny it. Under aggressive badgering in the Senate Jan. 16 by Durbin personally, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen still denied having heard it. A third Republican Senator, the curious Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, refuses to come out either way.

The Anglophile U.S. establishment has long made use of Durbin’s willingness to shamelessly lie on their behalf. On Aug. 3, 1990, Durbin, then a member of the House of Representatives from Illinois, took to the floor to wildly slander Lyndon LaRouche during a debate on campaign finance legislation. The legislation was to create a public financing mechanism for presidential elections, a provision that Durbin called “an answer” to the LaRouche movement’s “prayers.”

“In my home state of Illinois there is an extremist political party at work. They are the followers of Lyndon LaRouche. They spread a gospel of racism, anti-Semitism, and character assassination. The character assassination reaches everyone in this Chamber and everyone in government: state, local, and Federal,” Durbin screeched.

“Although their leader, Lyndon LaRouche, has been imprisoned for criminal activities, they still conduct a massive solicitation and recruitment effort. If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, you can still hear the imprisoned Mr. LaRouche on the radio soliciting support for his extremist effort.”

The powers to which Durbin answers were incensed that LaRouche was running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District even while serving time in prison as the result of a politically motivated frameup run by George Bush, Sr. and the same Robert Mueller now leading the attempted coup against President Trump today. As part of that campaign, LaRouche purchased campaign ads on the leading news station in the area, WTOP radio, to brief Washington, D.C. listeners on the strategic situation of the time.

Durbin also complained that in 1986, “the LaRouche party was strong enough to raid the Illinois Democratic primary and force several of their zealots on the ballot” for lieutenant governor and secretary of state, and bemoaned that LaRouche’s imprisonment “is not going to stop his movement.”