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China Responds Sharply to Dangerous Washington Neo-Con Gang's Provocations

Jan. 20, 2018 (EIRNS)—China continues to blast the neo-con policies coming from the U.S. that they find dangerous and threatening, while demonstrating a clear understanding that good U.S.-China relations are necessary, and that there is an all-out factional war underway around the Trump Presidency, all the while maintaining an open and positive approach to Trump personally.

Responding to the Pentagon's new National Defense Strategy document and other recent developments, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington stated:

"If someone is always wearing dark glasses, they will never see a bright world.... Peace and development are the themes of this era, and are also the shared aspirations of mankind. However, if some people look at the world through a Cold War, zero-sum game mindset, then they are destined to see only conflict and confrontation."

China Daily wrote that the spokesman said China and the U.S. shoulder important responsibilities and have extensive common interests in upholding world peace and stability and promoting global development and prosperity.

"We hope that the U.S. can align itself with the trend of the world and the will of the people, and put the world and China-U.S. relations into the perspective of cooperation."

Similarly, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang was asked on Jan. 19 to respond to the comments by Adm. Harry Harris, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, at a security meeting sponsored by the Indian government on Jan. 18, that "the reality is that China is a disruptive transitional force in the region." Lu said:

"What on Earth are [they] worrying about, and that China is a disruptor of what? China has always taken the road of peaceful development. That's what we have said and done."

He continued with some irony:

"It's just a comment made by some individuals. It is not the first time they have done so.... I hope more attention can be paid to the reaction and comments of the majority of the international community. Of course, there is always deep unease about China from some persons and certain countries."

Xinhua features an article Jan. 19 with the headline, "China Watchers Say Frequent Interactions between Xi, Trump Important for Bilateral Ties." The article cites three experts in the U.S. whom Xinhua interviewed, who make the point that

"China watchers in the U.S. have said a good personal relationship and frequent exchange of ideas between the two leaders is important for China-U.S. relations."

Global Times meanwhile reports that Trump has a large following in the Chinese population, where he "is highly thought of as a political correctness-defying patriot." For example, Qiu Zhenhai, a popular Phoenix TV commentator, wrote on his social media page, "It's an indisputable fact that many Chinese love Trump, and it became more apparent after his visit to China last November."

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