Executive Intelligence Review


The Hawai’i False Alert of Nuclear War Was Intentional, Not Accidental

Jan. 31, 2018 (EIRNS)—The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced yesterday that the false alarm of a nuclear missile attack, which spread terror throughout the citizens and tourists in Hawai’i for 38 minutes on Jan. 13, had been issued intentionally by the operative who pushed the button, not by accident as previously reported. The operative, who has been fired, listened to a drill which began and ended with "exercise" stated three times, but, for the first time, the contained message of the incoming ballistic missile also said "This is not a drill." The operative believed that it was real, and launched the alert.

The top officials at the Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency have resigned, and the operative was fired.

This incident further confirms the truth of many experts, including former Secretary of Defense William Perry, that the "launch on warning" posture, which is official U.S. policy, is reckless and must be ended, or an accidental nuclear war could become a reality.