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Empire Intelligence Tried Bullying U.S. Not To Release Nunes Memo, Feared Threat to War Plans

Feb. 2, 2018 (EIRNS)—The British daily Telegraph reported last night that British intelligence had threatened U.S. officials, including Members of Congress, that release of the Nunes House Intelligence memo exposing abuse of FISA surveillance, could harm the Anglo-American intelligence-sharing relationship.

“The U.K. will be less likely to share confidential information if the secret memo about the Russian investigation is made public, according to those opposing its release,”

the Telegraph reported. Further, it claimed that “figures in America’s Justice Department” were also “warning that the U.K.-U.S. intelligence sharing relationship could be damaged by the move.”

Given that the Nunes memo exposed the lying, and criminal, FBI/Justice Department “ntelligence sharing relationship” with MI6 agent Christopher Steele at the center of the British interference into the 2016 U.S. general elections, the subsequent coup drive against President Donald Trump, and its associated “Russiagate” drive for war, shutting off that relationship is not a bad thing!

Caught in the act, assets of the MI6 operation are screaming that the release of the Nunes memo on Steele’s operation may sink the entire McCarthyite “Russia is a threat” campaign. Such is the argument of Steele promoter David Corn, Washington, D.C. chief at Mother Jones—who is named in the Nunes memo—who whines in his article posted yesterday, that the Nunes memo prevents “keep[ing] the spotlight from shining on a profound national security concern: the continuing threat from Russia.” Vladimir Putin is gunning for the U.S. 2018 midterm elections, Corn repeats over and over, and “this threat from Russia should be in the headlines—more than the antics of Nunes.”

On cue, the discredited House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Republican Sen. John McCain in denouncing the release of the Nunes memo as effectively a Russian operation.

“President Trump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief by releasing highly classified and distorted intelligence. By not protecting intelligence sources and methods, he just sent his friend Putin a bouquet,”

frothed Pelosi. McCain’s statement goes on and on about how “the latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests—no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s.”

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