Executive Intelligence Review


China Is Leading the World into a New Paradigm; Some Chinese Are Aware of the Implications

Feb. 8, 2018 (EIRNS)—A Feb. 7 article in Global Times by international relations Professor Zhao Kejin, titled “Brandishing ‘China Threat’ Theory Helps West Push Hegemonic Designs,” opens by saying that reports have said that an Australian intelligence agency has branded China as an “extreme” threat to Australia’s national security. The new U.S. National Security Strategy defines China and Russia as competitors, and U.S. Pacific Command Adm. Harry Harris accused China of being a “disruptor” in the Indo-Pacific region. Then he writes:

“The new round of hyping-up stems from the fear of a rapid rise in China’s strength, underlying which is a development model distinctively different from the Western one. Given its large population, booming economic might and military power, no country in the world today dares to overlook China. Western nations are concerned that China may seize their vested interests.

“What worries the West in particular is that China may represent a different direction of human society’s development. This is the main cause of the new round of China threat theory. The vitality that China is showing is heading toward a better future, but is different from the development outlook of the West. Some Westerners would rather choose to accept a failing West instead of a reviving East.”