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Former U.S. Astronaut Urges To Expand International Space Station, Bringing in China and India

Feb. 14, 2018 (EIRNS)—Speaking with Fox Business reporter Neil Cavuto on Feb. 12, retired astronaut Clayton Anderson said, “If I were the king, I would try to negotiate and figure out a way to bring China and India in with us [to the International Space Station], as well. If you work with people in space, you don’t fight with them on the ground.”

Anderson was reflecting on the Fiscal Year 2019 NASA budget, which had been released earlier in the day, and includes a proposal that the U.S. no longer fund the ISS after 2025. Anderson, who lived on the station for five months in 2007, was weighing options, and expressed skepticism about the value of “privatizing” orbiting laboratories. Instead, he posed the alternative of adding more space-faring partners to the project.