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Putin on ‘Fatherland Defenders’ Day’: World Needs ‘Indivisible Security for All’

Feb. 25, 2018 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a gala meeting dedicated to “Fatherland Defenders’ Day” in Moscow on Feb. 23, and strongly invoked Russia’s patriotism and defense of the fatherland under the most adverse circumstances. Speaking in the presence of the country’s top military leaders and a number of invited foreign defense ministers, Putin stated:

“Russia has many times countered foreign threats, infringements on its independence,” and he cited as an example the Battle of Stalingrad. He continued:

“Developments of the past several years have shown we’ve gotten to the top position in the world if you take our combat efficiency and the quality of defense technologies. We can say with assuredness today that Russia has guaranteed its own security.”

Putin particularly thanked those Russians “who have been taking part in the combat operation on Syrian territory.”

Addressing the same gathering, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, until recently a Deputy Defense Minister, restated President Putin’s international security policy:

“Our common goal should be developing an equal and indivisible security for all. A system that can adequately respond to modern crises and build on non-bloc basis. That’s the only way we can secure peace and tranquility of our citizens... We simply have to join forces in combating such evils as terrorism, which truly challenge our civilization.”