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Former Trump Aide Responds to Mueller’s Subpoena: ‘Screw It’

March 5, 2018 (EIRNS)—Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, a friend of Roger Stone, told several media today that he has no intention of responding to a subpoena from Robert Mueller to appear before a Grand Jury, or to produce all his correspondence with ten former members of the Trump campaign or administration. “Screw it,” he said, calling the entire thing a witchhunt. “Let him arrest me,” he said of Mueller’s operation.

Nunberg is no friend of Trump, who fired him after a short period as an advisor. He said he has no idea whether Mueller has anything on Trump, but that he personally has no knowledge of any collusion with Russia, which he considers “ridiculous.”

Mueller, having been shown to have no evidence of any collusion, rather than shutting down the illegitimate investigation, is branching out to “investigate” any straws he can find. It was leaked last week that he is now investigating a supposed U.A.E. influence over the administration—proving once again that this is nothing more than a fishing expedition as well as a witchhunt.