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Russian President Discusses Civilian Applications of Advanced Weapons Technology

March 5, 2018 (EIRNS)—At the March 2 meeting of the Truth and Justice Forum of regional and local media with President Putin, one journalist expressed amazement at seeing the videos of advanced weapons technology, missiles, etc. that President Vladimir Putin showed during his March 1 State of the Nation address, and asked whether it’s possible “to apply those advanced military technologies in everyday life in the foreseeable future, maybe to improve people’s quality of life?”

In responding, Putin emphasized the contributions to the development of technological breakthroughs of research institutes, design bureaus and industrial enterprises “practically throughout the whole country” and that this is a complex

“that includes science, education, personnel, and modern manufacturing facilities. All that is cutting edge. It gives us hope ... that all of that can be used and applied in civilian industries.... Of course, this requires effort, and we will be working towards it. Perhaps not everything can be used immediately.”

In the case of the Avangard system, which travels at Mach 20 in dense layers of the atmosphere, and new laser weapons, “all these technologies can certainly be used” in the civilian economy, Putin said. As for the manufacturing of the TU-160 military supersonic jet,

“of course it can be converted into a civilian version. I have already talked with aircraft manufacturers, and they say ‘Yes, sure, additional research and calculations are needed.’ ”

The reality, Putin said, is that

“all of that can be done, and we will definitely be doing it, gradually, but surely. We have the foundation and that is what matters. We have the people who can do that—that is crucial. We will be doing [the civilian applications], by all means.”