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Seoul President Moon Jae-in: We’re Not at a Point Where We Can Be Optimistic, Yet

March 7, 2018 (EIRNS)—South Korean President Moon Jae-in is moving cautiously in the wake of the breakthrough announcement in relations with the North, yesterday, particularly on the matter of the summit with Kim Jong-un to take place in April.

“From looking at the news or Twitter, I believe President Trump is positive about the results of the North Korea visit,” he said in an address to the leaders of South Korea’s political parties, yesterday, reported Channel NewsAsia, a Singapore-based TV network. “However, as this is just the beginning, I believe we are not at a situation yet where we can be optimistic.” He also warned that now is not yet the time to ease up on sanctions on Pyongyang.

“Just because there are talks ongoing between North and South Korea doesn’t mean international sanctions can be eased. There cannot be an arbitrary easing of sanctions; we do not wish to do that and I tell you now it is impossible.”

During his remarks, Moon stressed close cooperation with the United States and the need to achieve denuclearization in dialogue with North Korea. According to the Korea Herald, Moon emphasized that denuclearization is the goal, and that no concessions have been given to Pyongyang. “We are at a very important juncture in (establishing) peace on the Korean Peninsula and denuclearization,” Moon said at the meeting. He noted that he is in close communication with U.S. President Trump and he stressed that no concessions or promises have been made to Pyongyang in return for holding the summit meeting.