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Oleg Deripaska Fingers Soros

March 10, 2018 (EIRNS)—Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch provoking curiosity from Robert Mueller, Judicial Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, British intelligence, and others, wrote an op-ed for the Daily Caller on March 8, in which he had some interesting things to say. Deripaska largely blames Russiagate on the necessity of increasing defense budgets by 2% in the West in order to fund the military-industrial complex. Under conditions of trillion-dollar debts in Western economies you need a bogeyman to pull that off. Enter the Putin villain, Deripaska argues.

In support of this thesis, he cites Victoria Nuland’s speech at the Feb. 16-18 Munich Security Conference in which she stated that, on behalf of a panel of U.S. Senators, “We are Deep-State proud loyalists giving a broad message about continuity.” He notes that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse reiterated Nuland’s theme saying that what the unwashed call the Deep State is really a band of “knowledgeable professionals.”

He then states that Daniel Jones, the former FBI agent and former lead staffer of Dianne Feinstein’s Senate Intelligence Committee told Deripaska’s Washington lawyer and lobbyist, Adam Waldman, that Fusion GPS was funded by Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros. He says that his lawyer testified to this conversation with Jones before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov. 3.

Deripaska calls Jones a “Fusion GPS associate” in his op-ed. Jones’ investigative firm, Penn Quarter, has been widely reported to be leading an investigation to substantiate Christopher Steele’s bogus dossier.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is interested in Deripaska because of his longstanding relationship to Paul Manafort and the belief in British circles that Deripaska is Putin’s favorite oligarch and has some sort of relationship to Trump’s circles. Grassley is interested in Deripaska for the same reasons but with the added factor that Adam Waldman, Deripaska’s D.C. lobbyist, is also a close friend of Christopher Steele’s. There are indications that Deripaska himself is a client of Steele’s British intelligence front.

It is clear that Tom Steyer, the Silicon Valley billionaire leading the national impeachment effort against Trump has been a client of Fusion GPS in the past. The Soros angle would be most explosive if proven true. Thus far, the only response to the column from that front has been a Media Matters condemnation of the Daily Caller and Matt Drudge for posting Deripaska’s “Russian propaganda.” Media Matters, of course, is significantly funded by George Soros.