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Former FBI Official Kallstrom on Justice Corruption: ‘I Think This Goes Right to the Top’

March 19, 2018 (EIRNS)—James Kallstrom, a 27-year veteran and former Assistant Director of the FBI, was interviewed on Fox News’ ”Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” March 18. As their conversation about the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe expanded, Kallstrom eventually stated that he believed the “collusion” of forces behind the forces involved in the vilification of Trump “went right to the top,” indicating Barack Obama.

The discussion began on the firing of FBI Deputy Director McCabe, with Kallstrom expressing that “there’s a big sigh of relief and a good feeling,” going through the FBI right now,

“about the fact that an FBI element, an organization in the FBI, recommended that he be fired, as opposed to them being mute and having someone else make that recommendation. They’re [serious FBI investigators] just gnawing at the bit to actually get involved in a real investigation, not a phony investigation like Jim Comey conducted,”

Kallstrom said.

“I think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year and a half that high-ranking people throughout the government, not just the FBI—high-ranking people had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton indicted, so that she could remain the flawed candidate that she was, which in my view was stupidity.

“And they also had a ... backup plan to basically frame Donald Trump, and that’s what’s been going on,”

Kallstrom continued. “This whole thing in my view is just total phony.”

Kallstrom named as co-conspirators Peter Strzok, then CIA Director John Brennan, and pointed to Obama while not naming him. On Comey, Kallstrom further characterized him as “naive, with an ego the size of the Empire State building!”

Another former FBI member speaking out is Coleen Rowley, who took issue with McCabe’s weak whine that firing him was a “war on the FBI,” writing in ConsortiumNews yesterday, that it “doesn’t make sense, considering it was the FBI’s own internal affairs office that recommended he be fired.” Like Kallstrom, she calls it a war within the FBI. Rowley, who on Feb. 21 pointed to the “culture of violence” and the “long war” drive of the neo-cons behind the rage of school shootings, put the emphasis on the collapsing empire (although she doesn’t say British). In her March 18 column in ConsortiumNews, she reprises her argument, writing:

“Could the obvious chaos—some would say ‘bloodbath’—at all levels of government also be part of the ‘blowback’ from 16 years of waging ‘perpetual war’ (and from attendant war crimes and the internal corruption by which all empires rot)? ... Remember how wars have a way of migrating home.”