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Argentine Ambassador to China Urges, It’s Time To Hop on the Belt and Road

March 25, 2018 (EIRNS)—In a wide-ranging and optimistic interview published in Xinhua on March 15, in which he was asked to comment on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the results of the 19th Communist Party Congress and the recently-concluded “Two Sessions,” Argentina’s Ambassador to China Diego Guelar praised the BRI as a global project that China “shares with the world,” and stressed that Argentina and other Ibero-American countries should hop on board “the high-speed locomotive” of the Belt and Road.

Guelar said that Deng Xiaoping’s opening and reform policy of 40 years ago was “extraordinarily important,” but that today, these are being “renewed and revitalized” by a new generation. He particularly singled out China’s success in eradicating poverty, and recommended that humanity “follow China’s example” in this area; if poverty is eradicated, problems such as terrorism and drug trafficking become solvable, he predicted.

As for the BRI, he said.

“There’s nothing regarding the Belt and Road that requires a complex decision; we just have to put it into practice. Hook up to the locomotive and work intensively!”

The only challenge to the BRI, he underscored, is whether

“we can live up to this proposal that China has made to the world—win-win, a plan for connectivity and infrastructure development, through the Belt and Road.”