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Russia Embassy in U.K.: London ‘Confirmed’ That Porton Down Developed Toxic Chemicals

March 25, 2018 (EIRNS)—A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in London charged today that a statement issued by the head of Britain’s Porton Down, Gary Aitkenhead, in fact confirms that they are engaged in developing military-grade toxic chemicals. Aitkenhead, asked by BBC two days ago if there was any way the nerve agent Novichok could have been taken from Porton Down, responded: “We would not be allowed to operate if we had lack of control that could result in anything leaving the four walls of our facility here.” To which the Russian diplomat responded:

“Actually, the British side has confirmed that development and research into new military-grade poisonous substances are underway at that secret facility. Furthermore, Aitkenhead did not deny there was a stockpile of chemical weapons, allegedly including the A-234 nerve agent, which in line with official assurances of the British side, had been used to poison the Skripals....”

According to TASS, the Russian Embassy’s press secretary reminded that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hinted the U.K. had such samples, in response to a March 19 question as to whether Porton Down had any “samples” of Novichok to compare the evidence with. Johnson replied, “They do.”

“These statements leave us no choice but to reinforce our demands that we should be given full information about the inquiry and that the program to produce military-grade agents in Porton Down should be made public,” t

he Russian Embassy diplomat said.