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Transaqua Project Presented at China Day Meeting of Top French Multinational

March 29, 2018 (EIRNS)—Schneider Electric, an 180-year old French electrical company with 120,000 employees and a very strong Chinese presence, held a China Day at their Paris area headquarters, a full day of presentations and animations on the activities of this group, in particular in China, and on the New Silk Road on March 22.

As part of the panel on the New Silk Road, Schiller Institute representative Sébastien Périmony was invited to give a ten-minute briefing, on both the Feb. 26-28 historic International Conference on Lake Chad in Abuja, Nigeria, which he had attended, and at which the giant Transaqua project to refill Lake Chad was adopted; and on the major progress of Chinese African new rail connections in the continent. In response to a question, Périmony spoke of the need for a space exploration and nuclear power development policy for Africa, reporting that the International Atomic Energy Agency had recently examined the nuclear engineers from Ghana and Nigeria.

Also speaking on the panel was Pierre Dhomps, an industrialist with 34 years of experience helping French companies settle in China, who just authored an excellent booklet on the Silk Road; and Antoine Cid, representing a French cultural association, who spoke on the cultural side of the New Silk Road, and on China’s ancient “Tianxia” concept. The company’s China Day also included a full cultural program of Chinese opera, a chorus of the Chinese employees of the company, a small Chinese classical orchestra, dramatic recitation and other activities.

Throughout the morning, top company officials gave presentations on the company’s international activities, and in China in particular, where it has developed one of their strongest operations since the early 1990s.

Schneider Electric, which used to be one of the steel giants in France, has now structured its operations around electricity, energy efficiency, energy security systems and sustainable technologies, including providing quite complex systems to guarantee energy safety in large industrial production sites, such as nuclear power plants.