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Willy Wimmer: ‘We Would Call Britain a Mafia State’ and ‘Danger to Peace’

April 5, 2018 (EIRNS)—Former Vice President of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Willy Wimmer, a major German political figure, spoke with RT yesterday about Britain’s lies about the poisoning in Salisbury of the former Russian GRU Col. Sergei Skripal and his daughter, saying Britain “is a major danger to international peace.”

“I think we would call this state a mafia state, because it is against all European and international rules and regulations how the British government has behaved in a criminal case with regard to another country,”

Wimmer said.

“We, as Europeans, have an experience with the British. We only have to look back to Tony Blair. They lie from one war into the next one. And that is why I think as long as the British don’t behave in a proper, legal, international way, I think we all should believe that this is another British lie, at least to go for war against Russia,”

Wimmer said.

Wimmer also pointed out that the EU’s position of standing in solidarity with the U.K. was standard allied behavior, but warned that the bloc might think twice before doing so again in the future, RT wrote.

Wimmer was banned from visiting Ukraine for five years following his visit to Crimea in March 2017 along with a delegation from the European Parliament, as well as politicians from several countries in the EU, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Ibero-America. Crimea voted to rejoin Russia in 2014 in a referendum held after the Anglo-American-backed coup d’état in Ukraine.