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Tony Blair Leads British Demands for War against Syria

April 10, 2018 (EIRNS)—Appearing on BBC, former British Prime Minister and instigator of President George W. Bush to the Iraq War, Tony Blair, called for Theresa May’s government to “back President Donald Trump” and carry out bombing and missile strikes on Syria. As Blair’s call was reported, London tabloids were confidently forecasting a “missile strike on Syria within hours.” All this when it was clear the Trump Administration had not yet decided on attacks on Syria.

Blair replied to the interviewer’s question about Parliamentary approval of a British strike, by claiming this would not be necessary “just for bombing from the air”; being challenged, he explained this only by adding “people feel there is a difference.”

The April 10 London Times lead made up an even more elaborate “alliance” cover for its call for war.

“Theresa May was under pressure from ministers and allies to join a U.S.-led military strike against the Assad regime as France set the pace for retaliation against a suspected chemical attack,”

read the lead, placing the center of the drive for war everywhere except where it actually lies, in London. As for May’s “ministers,” one of them, Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, was definitely recommending British strikes on Syria. Johnson reportedly called U.S. Acting Secretary of State John J. Sullivan April 10 to brief him on the need for war.

The Times went further to disguise its war-cry:

“As Britain prepared options including the use of Tomahawk missiles, senior figures warned that it risked losing influence in Washington to France if it turned down a request by President Trump to join a retaliatory strike.”