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Russian Defense Official: No Evidence Exists of Syrian Chemical Attack

April 11, 2018 (EIRNS)—In statements reported today by Sputnik, Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, First Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department, reported that the day after the alleged April 7 chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, Russian experts in radiation, chemical, and biological defense were on the scene of the attack to analyze soil specimens and fragments from the “so-called place of the alleged chemical weapons attack.” The specialists’ analyses “showed the absence of nerve agents and chlorine-containing poisonous substances.”

“As a result of the examination of the territory, the visit to the medical facility shown on the set of the White Helmets, the interview of the medical staff and patients, neither facts of the use of poisonous substances nor injured among the inhabitants of this city were detected,”

the general stated.

He also reported that, beginning April 12, Russian military police will be deployed to Douma, in order to provide security, maintain law and order, and “organize assistance to the local population.”

General Poznikhir recalled what has been reported previously, that on March 3, underground tunnels were discovered in the town of Hazram, “which turned out to be a militant workshop for the backyard production of explosives with poisonous substances.” He also charged that the current alleged chemical attack was “staged and filmed” by the “notorious” White Helmets “who operate as part of a terrorist group.”