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China’s Global Times Assesses Growing World War Threat

April 16, 2018 (EIRNS)—After China voted for the Russian UN Security Council resolution condemning the NATO attack on Syria, its Global Times ran a lead editorial April 15 which warned of world war by an aggressive miscalculation over Russia from NATO and the United States. The editorial also firmly declared the Douma, Syria chemical weapons attack a deception.

“It has not been confirmed if the chemical weapons attack happened,” the paper wrote,

“or if it did, whether government forces or opposition forces launched it. International organizations have not carried out any authoritative investigation. The Syrian government has repeatedly stressed that there is no need for it to use chemical weapons to capture the opposition-controlled Douma city and the use of chemical weapons has provided an excuse for Western intervention. The Syrian government’s argument or Trump’s accusations against the ‘evil’ Assad regime, which one is in line with basic logic? The answer is quite obvious.

“The U.S. has a record of launching wars on deceptive grounds,”

Global Times stated, pointing to the Iraq War example.

It then became still more serious.

“Washington’s attack on Syria, where Russian troops are stationed, constitutes serious contempt for Russia’s military capabilities and political dignity.... Disturbingly, Washington seems to have become addicted to mocking Russia in this way. Russia is capable of launching a destructive retaliatory attack on the West. Russia’s weak economy is plagued by Western sanctions and squeezing of its strategic space. That the West provokes Russia in such a manner is irresponsible for world peace.

“The situation is still fomenting. The Trump administration said it will sustain the strikes. But how long will the military action continue and whether Russia will fight back as it claimed previously, remain uncertain. Western countries continue bullying Russia but are seemingly not afraid of its possible counterattack. Their arrogance breeds risk and danger.”