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Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford Exposes Lies against Syria on Fox News

April 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, who has been outspoken in telling the truth about the British crimes in Syria, went on U.S. TV with the same message last night. Interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Ford said, “It’s not certain by any means that it was a chemical attack,” on April 7 in Douma. He reviewed the multiple reports from past days by those who have gone to Douma and report no evidence of a chemical attack, and further describes the White Helmet creation of video showing alleged treatment of the victims, then says:

“And, there’s a distinct possibility that we have been deluded. That we’ve been suckered. I think the [U.S.] President’s advisors have served him extremely badly. They have not been asking the hard questions, like who are these White Helmets? Was the President was told that these are the people who have helped in beheadings, who have literally been picking up the pieces. Are these are the people that he thinks would be good witnesses?”

Back in London, The Times today, denounced the British Syria Society (BSS) run by Ambassador Ford, for “championing the brutal regime in Syria,” but is particularly horrified to have learned that the former head of the Special Air Services (SAS), Maj. Gen. John Holmes, who led the SAS during the 1990 Gulf War, is also a member of the BSS. Also in BSS, they report, is Lord Green of Deddington, another former Ambassador to Syria, from 1991-94. Both Holmes and Green joined in January of this year. They report that BSS was “set up and is run by Fawaz Akhras, President Bashar al-Assad’s father-in-law, who is a cardiologist in Harley Street, London.”

Holmes told The Times that he joined because he believes in dialogue. “Perhaps [the BSS] is not the ideal vehicle for that, but at the moment it’s the only vehicle,” he said.

Green resigned from BSS several years ago but joined again in January, and speaks regularly in Lords’ debates against regime change. He told The Times:

“There are a substantial number of people in the government-held areas of Syria who would much prefer the present regime—for all its faults—than the alternative. That applies particularly to minorities, including the Christians.... For them the collapse of this regime and its likely replacement by Islamic extremists would be extremely damaging.”