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Trump Slams FBI Refusal To Inspect ‘Russian-Hacked’ Democratic National Committee Server

April 26, 2018 (EIRNS)—Going after the “witchhunt” being run against his Presidency in the fake Russiagate operation in his half-hour interview on “Fox and Friends” this morning, President Donald Trump zeroed in on the FBI’s notorious refusal to examine the Democratic National Committee computer server that they claimed had been hacked by Russians:

“The DNC wouldn’t even give their server to the FBI. So what kind of FBI is that? They break down doors for Paul Manafort’s house, early in the morning; his wife is in bed, like at 5 or 6 in the morning. They undo the locks for Michael Cohen. And yet the FBI walks into the DNC and they say ‘we’re not giving you the server,’ and they say, ‘OK. We’ll leave.’ That’s not the FBI; that’s a fix.”

What is going on is a disgrace, he said. “Everyone knows it’s a fix,” the President repeated several times. He said he is “very disappointed” with the Justice Department, but that he has taken the position of not getting involved with the DOJ. He then stated more than once on that, that “maybe I’ll change my mind.”