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U.S. Department of State Cuts Off Funding to Syria’s White Helmets

May 4, 2018 (EIRNS)—CBS News reports that the U.S. Department of State halted financing for the notorious White Helmets. U.S. funds account for a third of the organization’s funding.

“Now they are not getting any U.S. funding as the State Department says the support is ‘under active review,’ ” CBS reported. CBS quoted White Helmets leader Raed Saleh as saying that there had been no signs that funding was going to stop two months ago when the organization’s members were hosted at the State Department. In March, a “documentary” on the group won an Oscar to great acclaim.

“Our meetings in March were very positive. There were even remarks from senior officials about long-term commitments even into 2020,” Saleh was quoted by the CBS as saying. “There were no suggestions whatsoever about stopping support.”

The Russian exposure of the White Helmets faking a “chemical attack” in Syria has potentially finished their history of lies and terrorist support.

TASS reports that in her May 4 press briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, with a touch of irony, that the U.S. cutoff is “fantastic news.... What’s wrong? Didn’t they like the last film?” referring to the staged film of a chemical attack in the Douma hospital. “We’d like to know exactly how much money the White Helmets received from the U.S. government,” she said, as well as from the U.K. and France, since these three bombed Syria on April 14. “This is an issue of particular importance, as it could help understand how this mechanism for producing false information operates.”