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Dershowitz: Judge Ellis Exposed U.S. Prosecutors’ Dirty Operations against President

May 5, 2018 (EIRNS)—Senior civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz welcomed Judge T.S. Ellis’s denunciations of Robert Mueller’s operation going after Paul Manafort and other witnesses to get them to “not only sing, but also compose” against President Trump, in an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last night. Judge Ellis has blown the whistle on this practice, Dershowitz said.

Everybody knows this is the way prosecutors operate, squeezing people “to get Mr. Big,” sometimes stretching the law to create a crime to be charged against a potential witness, threatening their families. But “now Mr. Big is sitting in the Oval Office”; former FBI Director James Comey and Mueller are treating the President of the United States as if he were a mafia boss, Dershowitz exclaimed. Trying to find the underlings, squeeze them, threaten them, and “maybe they will sing, maybe they will compose.... This is a common tactic, and every American ought to know that.”