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Mueller Legal Assassin Job Now Being Exposed in Courts as Well

May 7, 2018 (EIRNS)—After more than a year in which the major FBI, Justice Department, and CIA players in the “Russiagate” coup attempt against President Donald Trump have been exposed, fired or forced to resign, Robert Mueller’s own Special Counsel hit team against the President is now being exposed in the Federal courts as well. How long will Congress keep defending him?

Three Federal court events now legally threaten Mueller’s operation, beyond the political holes blown in it by LaRouchePAC’s mass-circulation dossier, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin; He Will Do His Job If You Let Him.”

The “Brady” ruling several months ago by Judge Emmet Sullivan in former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s case, remains open. Sullivan—without Flynn’s defense team requesting it—ordered additional exculpatory information be given to Flynn by Mueller’s prosecution. This, of course, would feature the FBI interview report in which agents who interrogated Flynn found no deception on his part. The report has been classified and was redacted by the DOJ from the report of the House Intelligence Committee, which had heard testimony about it. It is involved in what has now led Committee Chair Devin Nunes threatening Attorney General Sessions with contempt. Flynn’s sentencing was postponed for a second time last week.

In Alexandria’s Eastern District of Virginia, Judge T.S. Ellis challenged Mueller’s team at length, about prosecuting former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for matters years prior to Trump’s campaign, in order to turn Manafort against the President. Ellis demanded and was promised the largely secret “scope memo” on Mueller’s investigation; what he was authorized to investigate by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Moreover, Mueller’s team arrogantly told Judge Ellis that only DOJ and Mueller could decide whether Mueller was exceeding the scope of his investigation; no court could determine that. This could be an ill-considered slap in the face to a Federal judge.

The third event was the surprising U.S. court appearance and decision to contest by a Russian-based firm indicted by Mueller along with two other firms and 13 Russian individuals in allegedly interfering in the U.S. Presidential election. This will allow discovery and also “Brady” motions for exculpatory information, which will unexpectedly force Mueller to reveal if he has any evidence.

Trump legal advisor Rudy Giuliani says the President’s legal team is now advising he ignore any subpoena from Mueller.