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Syrian President Assad Addresses Danger of World War in Greek Interview

May 10, 2018 (EIRNS)—Syrian President Bashar al Assad gave a long interview in English to Alexis Papachelas, editor in chief of the leading Greek daily Kathimerini. It is obviously to deliver a message. In the extensive interview, Assad reiterates some familiar positions—e.g., the false chemical attacks; the fight against Western-backed terrorists—but also answers some strategically important questions.

Assad was asked whether he is “worried about a Third World War starting here in Syria? I mean, you have the Israelis hitting the Iranians here in your own country. You have the Russians, you have the Americans. Are you concerned about that possibility?”

Assad replied:

“No, for one reason: Because fortunately, you have a wise leadership in Russia, and they know that the agenda of the deep state in the United States is to create a conflict. Since Trump’s campaign, the main agenda was against Russia, create a conflict with Russia, humiliate Russia, undermine Russia, and so on. And we’re still in the same process under different titles or by different means. Because of the wisdom of the Russians, we can avoid this. Maybe it’s not a full-blown third world war, but it is a world war, maybe in a different way, not like the second and the first, maybe it’s not nuclear, but it’s definitely not a cold war; it’s something more than a cold war, less than a full-blown war. And I hope we don’t see any direct conflict between these superpowers, because that is where things are going to get out of control for the rest of the world.”

The full transcript and video are available from Kathimerini.