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Defense Correspondent Ben-Yishai Calls for Russia To Broker Israel-Iran Ceasefire

May 12, 2018 (EIRNS)—Writing in today’s Ynetnews, senior Israeli security commentator Ron Ben-Yishai calls for Russia, as the “responsible adult” to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Iran in Syria. After reviewing the recent flare-up between Iranians operating in Syria, and Israelis, which led to a larger-scale Israeli attack on alleged Iranian targets, Ben-Yishai wrote:

“On the other hand, it was clear to Israeli policymakers that if Israel showed restraint in the face of Iranian Quds Force’s aggressions, it would erode Israeli deterrence power vis-á-vis Iran. Therefore, the best solution for all parties would be for Russia to assume the position of responsible adult and broker a ceasefire between the two sides. Such a ceasefire would have to guarantee Israel that Iran will cease its attempts to establish itself in Syria, at least for a few months, as well as cease its attacks against Israel.”

Writing that the situation could calm down, he warned that since the Israeli strikes, “Israel will decide how much further it wishes to challenge the Iranians until they decide that they cannot allow themselves to be on the receiving end anymore of Israel’s punishing strikes, and end the bellicosity on their own. Alternatively, they will carry on into a full-scale war that might include Hezbollah and its massive arsenal of rockets in Lebanon.

“Such a scenario is undesirable to both sides, but it is entirely in the realm of possibility considering the current explosive atmosphere.

“Meanwhile the [Israeli Defense Forces] IDF and the Quds Force continue the dangerous game of walking on the edge while avoiding a full-blown war. The question remains, for how much longer can this continue?”