Executive Intelligence Review


Bernard Lewis’s Body Has Died; Time To Bury His Ideas with Him

May 21, 2018 (EIRNS)—Bernard Lewis, the longstanding head of the British Arab Bureau who was the actual mastermind of Zbigniew Brzezinki’s “Arc of Crisis” and Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” strategies which have wreaked such destruction upon humanity, has finally descended officially into Hell, at the age of 101.

The record of Lyndon LaRouche’s unrelenting fight for decades against the “pure evil” of Lewis and what he represented, can be found on LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review website. LaRouche succinctly summarized the imperial strategic intent driving “the Bernard Lewis plan” of war on Islam, “regime- change” and “color revolutions” against Arab and Islamic states, at the Feb. 15, 2003, Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees conference: It

“is aimed at all of humanity, but it is aimed at Islam, both because of the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, and because 1.3 billion Muslims—if you put that part of culture into chaos, then you can not have peace in any part of Eurasia, and Eurasia is finished. And, therefore, you can rule the world.”

Ignorance of what Lewis actually represented and propagated is a dangerous strategic blind spot, as reflected in the statement issued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today on his passing. Pompeo wrote that

“the world lost a true scholar and great man, Bernard Lewis, this past week.... I met him only once, but read much of what he wrote. I owe a great deal of my understanding of the Middle East to his work. Mr. Lewis was a hard-nosed defender of democracies around the world—including in the Middle East. He was also man who believed, as I do, that Americans must be more confident in the greatness of our country, not less.”