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Italian President Vetoes Savona as Finance Minister, Conte Government Fails

May 27, 2018 (EIRNS—Italian State President Sergio Mattarella acted as a traitor to Italy and as a puppet of the Empire by rejecting the list of ministers presented by incumbent Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who then resigned his mandate.

In his official statement, Mattarella said that he accepted all ministers except Paolo Savona as Finance Minister, justifying this with Savona’s known positions which would have led “to Italy’s exit from the Euro.” Mattarella then drew a hysterical picture of investors fleeing, the stock market collapsing, the interest rate spread rising, and “savers” being threatened as a result of the message sent by Savona being in the government.

(The President has the power to reject members of the proposed government team, but in doing this, he is bound by the will of Parliament. In this case, the views of the proposed Finance Minister are identical to the will expressed by Parliament.)

Previous to Mattarella’s announcement, there had been incredible interference. French President Emmanuel Macron had called Conte to pressure him to drop Savona. Now the most probable perspective is a technocratic cabinet which, however, will be voted down by Parliament, and therefore will have the mandate to organize early elections.