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Soros Dope Mob on Drive To Turn Mexico into ‘World Power’ of Menticidal Drugs

June 2, 2018, 2018 (EIRNS)—In the run-up to Mexico’s July 2018 presidential elections, George Soros’s drug mafia just staged an international conference in Guanajuato, on May 30-31, a so-called “CannaMexico World Summit.” Its stated goal was to line up the political/economic forces in Mexico to get rapid full-scale legalization of cannabis/marijuana, to “revolutionize the potential of an industry in Latin America,” as organizers wrote.

The actual strategic goal is much bigger. Soros and the City of London/Wall Street banks are out to get the incoming Mexican government, whichever it is, to cut an official government deal with the drug cartels, under which drug production and consumption are legalized and the cartels declared no longer mafia, but “legitimate businessmen.” And not just for marijuana.

The “summit” was held at former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s “Centro Fox” in Guanajuato. Fox has been working with Soros on drug legalization since his 2000-2006 presidency. Interviewed in advance of CannaMexico on May 25 with cannabis lobby website “Civilized,” Fox said Mexico’s legalization of “medical” marijuana (in June 2017) was just “the first step.... We need to go for the whole enchilada and achieve full legalization.” At the summit itself he brashly declared that the time has come “to produce a new industry, to change criminals into businessmen, to change small-time drug dealers into entrepreneurs meeting demand.”

Soros’s top legalization strategist Ethan Nadelmann was another star at the narco confab, making headlines for his speech arguing that “Mexico will be a world power” if it “positions itself as a world-class leader in the production and marketing of cannabis.” If Mexican businessmen play it right, money will come to Mexico “by the handfuls,” the sleazeball said. Nadelmann openly said that he believes “all drugs can be wonderful.”

The “summit” brought together a host of narco hedge fund owners from Canada and the U.S. (e.g., the “Queen of Cannabis” Cheryl Shuman, president of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club). Their game is to legalize all the way across North America. Nadelmann reported that Soros’s Drug Policy Alliance has been organizing tours for Mexican “businessmen” to see first-hand how legalization “works” in Colorado and Washington state, while Fox is telling Mexicans that Canada is moving quickly towards ending cannabis prohibition, so Mexico should not “fall behind.”