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Trump Heads to Summit with Kim Jong-un: ‘A Mission of Peace,’ Aided by Many Countries

June 10, 2018 (EIRNS)—As he left the G7 summit in Quebec today, President Donald Trump told reporters that he was leaving for Singapore on “a mission of peace,” in which he would be “carrying the hearts of millions of people, people from all over the world.”

He elaborated:

“We have to get denuclearization. We have to get something going. We really think that North Korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time.... We appreciate the working together with North Korea. They’re really working very well with us. So I say: so far, so good.... It’s very important for North Korea and South Korea and Japan, and the world, and the United States.”

Then came the typical press question of “how do you feel?”

“It’s unknown territory, in the truest sense,” Trump responded.

“But I really feel confident. I feel that Kim Jong-un wants to do something great for his people, and he has that opportunity. And he won’t have that opportunity again. It’s never going to be there again. So I really believe that he’s going to do something very positive for his people, for himself, his family. He’s got an opportunity, the likes of which I think almost—if you look into history—very few people have ever had. He can take that nation, with those great people, and truly make it great. So it’s a one-time shot. And I think it’s going to work out very well. That’s why I feel positive, because it makes so much sense.”

President Trump pointed to the international collaboration which is changing the world.

“I can say that South Korea, Japan, China, many countries want to see it happen. And they’ll help. They’ll all help. So this is a great time. This has not happened in all of the years that they’ve been separated by a very artificial boundary. This is a great opportunity for peace, and lasting peace, and prosperity.”

Asked if he had a clear objective for the outcome of the talks, Trump replied that there is always something “spur of the moment” in a situation like this. “Kim Jong-un is a leader who is really an unknown personality,” he said, but we’re heading in with “a very positive spirit.”

What is being started is a process, he emphasized. There is a good chance it won’t work out, but

“probably an even better chance that it will take a period of time. It will be a process. The minimum to be expected, if it goes well would be relationship. You’d start at least a dialogue.... What you want to do is start that. Now, I’d like to accomplish more than that. But at a minimum, I do believe, at least we’ll have met each other. We will have seen each other. Hopefully we will have liked each other and we’ll start that process.

“And the maximum, I think you know the answer to that. But I think that will take a little bit of time.”