Executive Intelligence Review


‘Attacking Trump Is Now a Losing Strategy in Both Parties’

June 14, 2018 (EIRNS)—This is the title, complete with emphasis, of a Fox News column by former Bill Clinton pollster and now Fox News contributor Doug Schoen. His meaning is that the June 12 primary elections have shown that Republican candidates would lose major support if they attacked the President. At the same time, the voters expect Democrats to take on real-life issues rather than merely rail against President Trump.

On the Republican side, former South Carolina Governor and current Congressman Mark Sanford, who had never lost an election, was unexpectedly defeated in the June 12 Republican primary by little-known state legislator Katie Arrington, a strong supporter of the President. Arrington attributed her over-50% vote to an Election Eve endorsement from President Trump, whom Sanford has attacked in biting, personal terms.