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Forget the Punditry—The IG’s Report Is a Bombshell

June 15, 2018 (EIRNS)—On June 15, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his 565-page report on the FBI and Justice Department Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report is a bombshell even if written in carefully parsed Justice Department lawyer language. If the United States were not in the middle of an insurrection against the Trump presidency, it would cause an immediate halt to Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The implications of the report, including the question as to whether Horowitz softened the language in his report because of Justice Department pushback, will be fully explored when the IG testifies in Congressional hearings in the upcoming week. The report has already emboldened Congressmen such as House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy, who only a couple weeks back was found cowering under the skirts of Paul Ryan as things got hot about British interference in the U.S. election in the form of FBI/MI6 informant Stefan Halper. In response to the IG Report, Gowdy stated:

“The report also conclusively shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI. Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation. Bias is so pernicious and malignant as to both taint the process, the result, and the ability to have confidence in either.”

The IG report’s revelation that FBI agent Peter Strzok—the lead case officer on both the Clinton and the Russiagate investigations—planned to use the Russia investigation to stop Trump from winning the Presidency, “hopelessly taints it,” as American Spectator columnist George Neumayr recognized in his article today. So does the revelation that an open “Resistance” lawyer at the FBI served on the investigation for over a year.

We recommend reading LaRouche PAC’s full coverage on the IG Report, “Forget the Punditry; the IG’s Report Is a Bombshell.”

By finding that then FBI Director James Comey was “insubordinate” and operating far outside Justice Department rules and prosecutorial ethics in his actions in the Clinton email investigation, the IG has provided a bulletproof factual refutation of any attempt by Robert Mueller to charge that the President obstructed justice when he fired James Comey, LaRouche PAC’s Barbara Boyd explains in that article. The Comey firing, in turn, was the factually thin and constitutionally suspect peg for Mueller’s appointment as special prosecutor.

Mueller is firing back: He has leveled new obstruction of justice charges against Paul Manafort and on June 15 succeeded in convincing U.S. District Judge Amy Jackson in Washington, D.C. to send Manafort to jail pending trial for alleged witness tampering. The New York Attorney General, who has collaborated with Mueller, filed charges seeking to dissolve the President’s charitable foundation, and pressure has increased on Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to either turn on the President or face Manafort’s fate.

Yet IG Horowitz continues to investigate improper Justice Department and FBI actions in Russiagate, and the DOJ and Congress remain locked in a battle over documents concerning MI6’s Stefan Halper. If the truth be told about Halper and his British operations against the Trump campaign, further evidence about who actually interfered in the 2016 elections can emerge. It was British intelligence in the form of a spy ring run by former MI6 head Richard Dearlove, acting on behalf of British geopolitical and strategic interests, in conjunction with the Obama White House and Obama’s intelligence directors, not the Russians. As EIR and the LaRouche movement have urged, the way to bring the whole affair crashing down is for the President to declassify everything regarding Russiagate and send it over to the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees for a full report to the American people.