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Explosive Horowitz Hearings, as Dem Partisans Stage Disruption under ‘Immigration’ Cover

June 19, 2018 (EIRNS)—In a joint hearing held by the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees June 19, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz continued his testimony about his explosive findings regarding the Hillary Clinton 2016 email investigation conducted by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Today’s proceedings began with a pre-arranged demonstration by Democratic Congressmen concerning the President’s immigration policies led by an enraged Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and featuring nursing mothers with babies in the audience. As the President noted in a speech before the NFIB Small Business Association while these events unfolded, the immigration crisis which has become the rage of Washington over the past 48 hours was designed to drive the Horowitz hearings about FBI and Department of Justice misconduct out of the news cycle entirely. It is well known President Obama prosecuted over 500,000 immigrants from the ravaged countries of Central America, separated children from parents, and while earning the moniker “deporter-in-chief,” was never actually taken to task for his actions. But exposure of the illegal action against Trump by the FBI and Department of Justice and Trump’s success in defusing the Korean crisis required fabrication of this new crisis by Trump’s opponents, as if President Trump created the problem all by himself.

House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy led off today’s proceedings with an opening statement variously described as “scorching,” “incendiary,” and “excoriating.” Gowdy honed in on the lofty language and standards attached to the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI by its employees and the awesome powers possessed by this agency which literally can determine life and death. He said that in the Clinton investigation and in the Trump investigation, overt political bias for Clinton and against Trump had been the dominant dynamic in the senior leadership of the FBI. He slammed former FBI Director James Comey for allocating to himself the role of chief investigator, prosecutor, and judge in the Clinton investigation, based on the lofty vision of certitude falsely created by Comey’s own ego.

As with yesterday’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Gowdy and his GOP colleagues focused on the kid-glove treatment afforded to Hillary Clinton by the FBI and DOJ in light of the subsequently revealed overt political bias of lead investigator Peter Strzok, his mistress, Lisa Page, and two other critical FBI employees, all of whom served in leading roles in the Clinton investigation, the Russia investigation involving the Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Gowdy’s full opening statement is available on YouTube.

In his subsequent questioning of Horowitz, Gowdy conclusively demonstrated, with a timeline of Strzok-Page texts, investigative events, and decisions, that a bias in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump pervaded the FBI and Justice Department investigative teams. He pointed out that the decision whether to prosecute Clinton or not hinged on a debatable definition of intent under the espionage statute. But James Comey decided there would no prosecution even before Clinton, the best witness as to what she intended, was even interviewed. Gowdy said that the FBI 302 report presenting that interview and its result showed that those present, including Peter Strzok, did not even attempt to really explore the issue. Gowdy’s examination of Horowitz can be watched on YouTube.