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China’s High-Intensity Neutron Source Is Open for International Fusion and Fission Experiments

July 2 (EIRNS)—China has opened its High Intensity Neutron Source, (HINEG) at its Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, to cooperative international experiments, Dr. Steven Dean reported June 29. This is a relatively new institute, founded in 2011, with a staff 500, some 80% of whom hold doctoral degrees. It conducts a broad range of leading-edge research in both fission and fusion technology.

The Neutron Source creates an experimental platform “consistent with the fusion neutron environment,” and can be used for materials research, radiation protection, and neutron applications, relevant to both fission and fusion, and fission/fusion hybrids, the Institute states.

A series of experiments has been carried out in the laboratory, including some with international cooperation. The Institute itself states: “HINEG is an open experimental platform for scholars all over the world. Cooperative experiments are always greatly welcomed.”