Executive Intelligence Review


A Great Discontinuity Looms; Britain’s Government Falls into Chaos

July 12, 2018 (EIRNS)—The Trump-Putin summit, now only four days away, looms as a great discontinuity immediately ahead—especially combined with the fact that the tide of “Russiagate” is rapidly turning against its perpetrators. The circles of Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller simply refuse to look at what is about to happen in Helsinki. That is why the fake-news media continue to pretend it isn’t really happening at all. In this situation, the responsibilities of all people of good will are greater than ever.

Statesman Lyndon LaRouche has been preparing for this summit and opportunity for decades, when no one else has, and it is only LaRouche and his method which can show the way into the new period which is now suddenly opening up.

At the same time, the British government has been rapidly collapsing into ever-deeper chaos; every hope for stability is receding. What is this all about? Don’t ask the actors in the drama. The details and the nominal issues really tell you little or nothing—but if approached from LaRouche’s and Gottfried Leibniz’s standpoint of “analysis situs,” one hypothesis that the British imperial command is deliberately smashing up not just the government and the British party system, but even the structure of the establishment itself, in order to “reinvent itself” in a new form which—it hopes—will be effective in the current period, as it currently is not. One of Lyndon LaRouche’s memorable statements on this sort of problem was when he said that kings, as such, function within rules and laws—whereas the Emperor’s prerogative is to suddenly rescind all the existing rules and laws, and replace them all with new ones.

Again, the details from Britain—cabinet resignations, repeated frauds against Russia, etc.—while shocking, don’t communicate the reality. But with even a few minutes study, anyone can readily learn that the British political system itself is falling head over heels into self-feeding chaos, with little or no hope of any near-term exit. The upcoming Trump-Putin summit is critical for Europe, the entire trans-Atlantic and world.