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Empire’s CFR Claims Russia and China Using Nuclear Power To Create Global Influence

July 16, 2018 (EIRNS)—Russia and China are “using nuclear power projects to build spheres of energy dependence,” asserts Madison Freeman from the Council on Foreign Relations, in an article for Defense One website. And, Freeman warns, the United States is unprepared to respond to this alleged threat.

It starts, he observes, when Kremlin subsidies allow Rosatom to underbid competitors by 20% to 50%. In combination with government-to-government loans, this has allowed Russia to secure 60% of new nuclear reactor sales, with 35 reactors in 11 countries under construction or under contract.

Freeman continues: “Now China is taking a page from Russia’s handbook. The Chinese government sees nuclear power as a potentially powerful component of its Belt and Road Initiative,” identifying 41 countries as potential customers for nuclear power plants.

“And watch out. This danger is spreading. Russia is funding youth competitions in Africa and building a nuclear research center in Bolivia.

“China and Russia’s steps to dominate global nuclear power create a major security vulnerability for the United States and poses a threat to the international order,”

Freeman claims. “Nuclear energy can be a powerful element of U.S. foreign policy,” Freeman states, although he has apparently not noticed that the nuclear power industry in the United States disappeared years ago, having been shut down or bought out by foreign companies. And now, economic hitmen like Freeman are trying to make sure that newly industrializing countries cannot apply advanced technologies, such as nuclear power, to progress.

Who is the danger?