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Organic Chemist Shows It’s ‘Totally False’ To Say ‘Only’ Russia Can Produce Novichok

July 16, 2018 (EIRNS)—While British police intone that the two incidents of Novichok poisoning, one in Salisbury and another in Amesbury, are connected, Dr. Dave Collum, a professor of organic chemistry at Cornell University in New York State, refutes this, RT reported July 14.

“It’s impossible to make a connection,” Collum asserted, ‘as there’s been no data presented’ to the public to back these claims.” Moreover, he explained, it’s absurd and “totally false” to say that “only” Russia is capable of producing the novichok chemical.

Novichok is a “simple compound,” Collum said, which is just “three steps from commercially available materials. I’ve put it on a final exam on my course ... and [the students] all got full credit. It was so easy. I knew no one would lose credit because it’s like asking a bunch of bakers to make a chocolate chip cookie recipe.”