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Tucker Carlson Interview with President Trump Exposes ‘Intelligence Community’ Fraud

July 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—Tucker Carlson of Fox News presented a well-constructed attack on the myth of the untouchable “IC”—the “Intelligence Community”—as part of his interview with President Donald Trump while in Helsinki, together with his own commentary and interviews with Prof. Stephen Cohen (denouncing the hysteria against Trump) and with Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) (one of those who has accused Trump of “treason”). Carlson exposes Smith as part of the McCarthyite campaign to destroy the United States and American democracy.

Carlson’s own commentary is worth reporting, especially in light of his past attacks on Russia, and the fact that he runs one of the most-watched news shows in the country.

“The people yelling the loudest that the Russians are the enemy and Trump is their puppet,” he said,

“happen to be the same people who invaded Iraq and refused to admit it was a mistake, killed Qaddafi for no obvious reason, prolonged the horrible Syrian war and threw open the borders of Europe, extended the Afghan conflict, and are planning new disasters around the world, including, yes, Russia. These people made America weaker, poorer, and sadder.”

Have these people been driven out of power, he asks? No, they are in high positions in government and run most of the Washington think tanks making U.S. policy.

Carlson concedes that Trump makes mistakes in minor things, “but in the big questions, he is indisputably right.” The Cold War is over, the world has changed, and it is time to rethink America’s alliances.

“Russia is not a close friend, but why consider it a mortal enemy? Of course they spy, as others do, but much of it was comically immature, like the badly targetted Facebook ads that nobody saw.”

They may have hacked the DNC server, he continued,

“but shouldn’t we see some evidence, the server, or at least a decent explanation, before we accept that it’s a fact and go to war with Russia? We haven’t seen that—that’s all Trump asked for.”

What is the “Intelligence Community,” he asks rhetorically, calling it an “Orwellian term.” They insist you agree with them, “or you are called an agent of Putin, you’ve betrayed the country.” He concluded:

“On one level it is about President Trump. But on a deeper level, it is about our democracy. They say they are saving our democracy while they are working overtime to destroy it, and scolding you as they do.”