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Mueller Can’t Count on Docile Public Anymore To Sell His Farcical Probe

July 25, 2018 (EIRNS)—George Neumayr, who has written frequently in the American Spectator, exposing the true nature of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, penned another article July 24 pointing out that with the revelations about the “flimsy FISA warrant,” Mueller’s investigation is going down the tubes.

He might have once counted on a docile public, but “not anymore,” Neumayr writes.

“The rise of Trump has exposed Washington’s entitled frauds, whose hurled boomerangs now fly back at them.... A public fed up with phony FISA warrants and partisanship that masquerades as professionalism will not see Trump as the villain in this sorry tale, but its victim.”

He should have mentioned that it was less “the rise of Trump,” and more the crucial role that LaRouchePAC and Executive Intelligence Review played in exposing the real British intelligence roots of the anti-Trump coup. The “farcical FISA warrant is one more withered branch on Mueller’s poisoned tree,” Neumayr asserts, referring to the FBI’s request for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against Carter Page, based on a lying dossier by a British MI6 agent, paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is the

“careerist weasel ... the Dr. Frankenstein in this political horror show, [who] created a monster in Mueller and that monster is now rampaging through Manhattan, looking for the black books of madams....”

Mueller is nothing but a

“garden-variety abusive prosecutor, whom Rosenstein hired to give official Washington what it wanted, an unfolding coup against a reviled outsider. As the ruling class’s battering ram against Trump, Mueller is working feverishly to magnify Trump’s political mistakes into quasi-impeachable offenses. But that tack won’t work. The tree Mueller is plucking, weakened by too much poison in its roots, will collapse in the end on top of him,”

Neumayr concludes.