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Conte Pledges Joint Italy-U.S. Work on Hypersonic Flight

July 31, 2018 (EIRNS)—At the end of his introductory remarks, Conte emphasized hypersonic flight as a joint U.S.-Italian industrial project.

“I personally am sure that we can increase and improve the relationship with the United States at all levels, and in particular, in space and aerospace fields. We already have a great partnership between the Italian Space Agency and NASA, so we hope that aerospace will bring together American technology, Italian technology, so that we can launch a new aircraft that cross the atmosphere and will be able to bring the United States and Italy together in an hour and a half.

“This is a project that I’d like to speak in detail with the American administration,”

he said according to the White House translation.

Italy’s tradition in hypersonic flight goes back to Antonio Ferri, who first worked on supersonic flight in Italy 1938-39, and later, in the U.S., pioneered groundbreaking research on hypersonic thermofluid dynamics.