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The Koch Network, Like Soros, Promotes Legal Marijuana

Aug. 1, 2018 (EIRNS)—The notorious billionaire libertarian Koch Network, that President Donald Trump slammed in a tweet yesterday, has been actively purchasing votes in Congress for impeaching Donald Trump. They not only support the freedom of the monied to undermine the welfare of the nation at will through free enterprise institutions including the Cato Institute, which they founded, the Mont Pelerin Society associated with Friedrich von Hayek, and the American Enterprise Institute; they are also actively promoting the legalization of marijuana, and attacking the Trump Administration for opposing that policy.

Mark Holden, General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Koch Industries, issued the Koch position paper on marijuana legalization last Jan. 18. He pointed out that states have been decriminalizing or legalizing the use or possession of pot either for recreational or medicinal purposes. He charges that the U.S. Justice Department during the Trump Administration,

“by rescinding a set of memos that largely discouraged federal prosecutors from bringing marijuana-related charges in jurisdictions that had legalized sales has called into question every single local—and lawful—decision.”

He does not mention that it was the notorious Soros-supported Obama Administration that had issued those pro-pot memos.

Holden then makes an argument identical to that of drug-legalizer-in-chief George Soros, saying, “Resources spent fighting a misguided war on drugs should instead go toward programs for those reentering society, including rehabilitation treatment and job training.” He claims, without any supporting data—because there are none—that,

“the most successful states are those that have acknowledged that the time has come for a new, smarter approach to drug policy that respects individuals’ human rights and ensures greater safety for our communities.”

He concludes with an invitation to “Read more about why Koch Industries believes in advocating for the principles of a free and open society here.” The “open society,” is the mantra of George Soros’s networks coordinated by his Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institutes.

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