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Texas Candidate Kesha Rogers Spells Out a ‘North American Belt and Road Initiative’

Aug. 6, 2018 (EIRNS)—Kesha Rogers, independent Congressional candidate in Texas’ 9th Congressional District, today proposed a “North American Belt and Road Initiative” for cooperation among President Donald Trump, Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and President Xi Jinping of China, in bringing the Belt and Road to North America and Central and South America. Rogers proposed: “There are five specific areas of cooperation that the United States and Mexico can establish to transform the entire Western Hemisphere into an area free of the influence of narco-terrorists, their Wall Street and London drug banks, and looting by international cartel conglomerates. These areas of cooperation are:

  1. “Establish a North American Infrastructure Investment Bank—Based on the same concept as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a new NAIIB would be a development bank contributed to by countries from all over the world for the purpose of seeing great projects all the way to completion. Unlike the IMF, World Bank, and vulture capitalists—which have strapped countries with usurious interest rates and unpayable debts, forcing them to privatize their social safety nets and sell off their sovereign resources and infrastructure—the NAIIB would offer low, fixed interest rates, to help nations fund great projects that alleviate poverty and increase trade.

  2. “Build the 21st-Century North American Water and Power Alliance—Originally proposed in 1964, NAWAPA is a massive water transfer and hydropower generation project from the rain intensive northwest coast of North America all the way into the arid regions spanning from California through Texas and northern Mexico, for drought relief and agricultural revitalization. The plan was updated for the 21st Century in 2014 by the LaRouchePAC to emphasize nuclear power generation, new desalination technologies, and linking to other water projects in Mexico.

  3. “The World Land-Bridge—The Belt and Road Initiative is connecting the nations of Asia, Africa, and Europe through rail and high-speed magnetically levitated rail. This has dramatically increased trade and exchange of ideas, both domestically and internationally for all nations involved. The natural link for this network of rail is the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska, all the way through North America, bridging the Darién Gap, and down to the Strait of Magellan. These are envisioned ... as “development corridors” that incorporate large rural swaths into the jobs programs and benefits.

  4. “Caribbean Basin Maritime Silk Road—The development of deep-water industrial ports in Mariel, Cuba and Ponce, Puerto Rico, will link cross-Atlantic cargo flows through the expanded Panama Canal and the planned Nicaraguan Grand Inter-Oceanic Canal, as well as the proposed Tehuantepec Isthmus “dry canal” in Mexico, for dramatically increased cargo flows to and from China and Asia. This will require the development of deep-water ports and related infrastructure on Mexico’s two coasts, as well as improvements to the Port of Houston....

  5. “Space Science—Cooperation in the advancement of space exploration and scientific breakthroughs must play a critical role in the advancement of economic relations and trade.... The United States must join in with other nations for the advancement of the common aims of mankind, in new breakthroughs and discoveries in Space Science.... Through NABRI and joint space cooperation, it can work with Mexico’s small space agency to transform it into a major driver of the scientific and technological development. Satellites will help forecast both hurricanes and earthquakes, fight the drug cartels, and improve monitoring of agricultural health. The launching of astronautas to the Moon and the ISS will both inspire the youth and conduct important scientific experiments in space. Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean will all benefit from the widespread dissemination of thermonuclear fusion technology, promised by the massive helium-3 fuel supply to be mined from the Moon.”

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