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Siviero: A New Genoa Highway Bridge Can Be Rebuilt in Six to Eight Months

Aug. 16, 2018 (EIRNS)—In an open letter to the daily Corriere della Sera, submitted in advance to EIR, bridge builder and author of the “TunEIT” Mediterranean bridge idea, Enzo Siviero proposed to rebuild the Genoa Morandi Bridge in six to eight months, provided that the project is led by a special commissioner with strong powers. The new bridge should use what is left, Siviero suggests, and build a new cable-stayed bridge, or an extradosed one, in steel and using the existing foundations. There are ready-to-use projects around, Siviero wrote.

Siviero also criticized the use of prestressed armed concrete instead of steel for the stays, a “hazard” never used by anyone except Morandi himself. The bridge needed more than normal maintenance, but the awareness of this came too late. And even normal maintenance has generally been neglected in Italy for political reasons. The Morandi Bridge should have been demolished, but this presented some difficulties given the populated area underneath it. Time and excessive load on the bridge did the job.